Business Entrepreneurial Accounting Services

Agresta Storms & O’Leary’s (ASO) partners now offering new ASO Business Entrepreneurial Accounting Services Team platform.  The new platform is a standardized process to allow ASO to continue to grow its “out-sourced” accounting and CFO business. These services include but are not limited to ongoing accounting functions such as accounting system and process maintenance, chart-of-account evaluation and development, periodic financial and management reporting, and evaluation and development of internal controls.  

Many organizations and businesses have difficulty finding and retaining qualified and affordable on-staff accountants.  Out-sourcing has become an efficient and cost-effective way to fill this need.  ASO currently provide these services to a variety of clients, including non-profits, churches, medical, small to medium manufacturers and other for-profit businesses.  To find out more about the ASO service team, please contact Rita Wilder at .

Our Business Entrepreneurial Accounting Services Team is committed to understanding your business, developing processes that fit, and assisting on an on-going basis to meet your business and accounting needs by offering not only our above consulting services but also the following:

  • Weekly and/or monthly accounting assistance
  • Cash flow planning and management
  • Software selection, set and training
  • Outsourced accounting and CFO solutions