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Agresta, Storms & O’Leary PC also offers numerous internship opportunities as a co-op or summer program to current college students and soon to be graduates.

Meet Some of the ASO Interns/Co-ops

Dylan Paulsell

Accounting Intern

Indianapolis, IN

Junior at Butler University

Majoring in Accounting & Finance

“I started my internship with Agresta, Storms, and O’Leary in January of 2021. My experience with Agresta, Storms, and O’Leary has been the most impactful learning experience throughout my academic and career development. Having the opportunity to work directly with clients and provide value-adding work was incredible. There was also a great deal of exposure to a variety of different industries, which helped to provide me a broad business perspective. My internship position allowed me to have the responsibility of completing all aspects of an audit engagement. From the retrieval and development of a client’s financial statements to the completion of the audit report, my internship experience afforded me with valuable public accounting work experience. Agresta, Storms, and O’Leary has provided me with ample opportunities to learn and grow as a young professional. Throughout the internship experience, I was able to learn new skills that I will be able to use going forward in my academic and professional life. After completing this internship, I have new found confidence in my ability to be successful as a professional in the accounting industry.”

Tim Tunny

Audit & Assurance Intern

Indianapolis, IN

Senior at IUPUI

Majoring in Accounting & Finance

“I began my internship with Agresta, Storms, and O’Leary in January of 2019. During my internship, I received a wealth of knowledge from the hands-on experience presented to me. As my internship progressed, I found myself becoming more involved in the auditing process as was able to complete work papers with the help of my mentors. This experience has led me to a better understanding of what I want to do in my career as well as made me more confident in my field. I am thrilled to have been a part of this program and to help promote the growth of an outstanding accounting firm!”

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