Client Portal

Benefits of Using the Portal

The ASO portal is a great way to share information with our office and in return for us to share information with you. The portal is a secure site located on our server. Only you have access to your portal. You can upload your confidential tax information on your personal portal without any fear or concern of privacy/confidentiality. Our office can then in turn upload your finalized tax return for your review along with any forms requiring your signature(s) for processing with the IRS and state government(s).

Best Forms to Use: The best formats to use on your portal are any Microsoft Office formats or PDFs. Unfortunately, JPEG or TIFF formats are not a good option for printing or up/downloading.

Did You Know: When you post your tax information, you do not need to separate each item into a separate file/document. You can scan all your information into one PDF file. It is that easy!No need to send us original documents once you have uploaded to the portal. We truly can be paperless!